Lawn Mowing
& Grooming

Featuring our Signature Cut

Always wanted that perfect lawn your neighbors are envious of? It all starts with being groomed…not just mowed.

Greener Grass.

Keep your lawn greener, healthier and thicker using our multi-approach fertilizer solutions & five-step process. Outdoor Works takes as much pride in your lawn as we do our own.   Enjoy your lawn like never before!

No More Weeds.

Let our specially formulated treatment process get rid of unwanted weeds including dandelions & crab grass, and other common weeds to Utah lawns. Outdoor Works will help you love your lawn again!

Home Perimeter
Pest Control

Dealing with bugs on the outside and inside of your home can be a nuisance. Our effective, non-toxic formula will eliminate this problem. Guaranteed.

Spotless View
Window Cleaning

What do you see when you look out your windows? Start enjoying the view with a complete cleaning outside, inside, or both. With Outdoor Works, you will see the difference.

Pressure Washing
& Surface Cleaning

Let Outdoor Works take care of your dirty garage floor, driveway, sidewalk, fence, brick and more for you. Try our proven low-pressure house washing service.

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