No More Frozen Sprinklers.

Complete Sprinkler & Home Exterior Winterization Package

No More Broken Sprinkler Heads & Pipes. No More Costly Spring-time Repairs. No More Ugly Grass During Winter. No More Bugs Seeing Refuge From The Cold Inside Your Home. Guaranteed.

Outdoor Works has put together the most comprehensive and effective Lawn and Home Exterior Winterization Package available in Utah! We have combined some of our top treatment services into one convenient package that prepares your lawn and home for the cold months of winter.

Keep your turf in tip-top shape by preparing it properly for winter. This process, known as lawn winterizing, involves simple steps that don’t require lots of time or money. When you winterize a lawn, you’re paving the way for lush, healthy spring turf.

Fall fertilizing is so effective is because plants respond to external triggers in fall to start the process of preparing for winter. These triggers are things like daylength and temperature changes. As days shorten and air becomes cool, plants—including turf grass—respond by slowing growth and shifting food reserves from leaves to roots. Although air temperature continues to fall, plant roots remain active in soil. This is true of many different kinds of plants, including grass.

Shifting excess nutrients to roots is the secret to plants’ return each spring. Those stored food reserves fuel the spring wake-up. The same is true of your lawn. By fertilizing grass in fall, you’re feeding the active roots and giving them even more nutrients to store for winter.

When spring arrives with longer days and warmer air, grass blades sense the seasonal change and respond by kicking into growth gear, drawing upon those food reserves. Grass that is fed in fall greens up quickly in spring, growing thick and lush. A thick lawn crowds out weeds.


Freezing temperatures can seriously damage irrigation systems.

When water freezes, it expands. Eleven cubic feet of water will become twelve cubic feet of ice. This hydro-expansion can cause fittings, sprinklers, valves, pumps, pipes and other parts of irrigation systems to burst and break. Draining your system of all water is the only way to ensure that it will still be in working order when spring arrives.


You can save money on expensive irrigation system repairs.

If your irrigation system freezes, the resulting expansion could cause most of the components to be destroyed, meaning that you will have to pay someone for irrigation system repair.

For these reasons, now is the time to winterize your irrigation systems – before October’s colder weather arrives. October is an ideal month for winterizing irrigation systems since most parts of the country don’t have a hard freeze until later in the year.

Here in Utah we tend to see only one day in each October with temperatures under thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit, according to the National Climactic Data Center. In contrast, Utah averages five days of freezing temperatures in November. If you wait until next month, there is a higher chance that a hard freeze will hit and you’ll need to arrange for irrigation system repair which can be very costly.


Make Your Lawn Thicker & Healthier with Lawn Aeration

When it comes to preparing for the cold winter months, relieving compressed soil and allowing for stronger root growth with lawn aeration is a powerful solution.

In this technique, thousands of tiny holes are taken out of your lawn, creating pockets that encourage root growth, and also serve as growing pockets for new seed. These holes allow moisture to pass to the root system, allowing your lawn to obtain more nutrients to thrive.

Lawn aeration is a preferable alternative to dethatching a lawn, a process that consists of using a machine that rakes out the dead grass blades from your lawn. This is dangerous for your lawn because the dethatching process often damages the crown of the plant, leading to more dead grass. Aeration not only dethatches your lawn safely, but it also provides the dead grass that isn’t removed a place to decompose, delivering nutrients to the turf’s root system.

When combined with the right fall fertilization program, aerating leads to a more-dense turf, and more grass growing chokes out weeds and other unwanted grass varieties.


When cold weather comes, the spiders come inside.  No more.

Long before I was ever in the Lawn Care & Home Exterior business, my wife would love winter to come for two reasons – 1-She loves the snow, 2-It means spiders are now dead and no longer a threat to her syndrome of SFO (Spider Freak Out).  I think that is what got me into this business more than anything else! Your technician will lay down a barrier around the perimeter of your home that goes 3ft up and 5ft out to keep any remaining bug and spider life away from the inside of your home and garage. During the winter months, usually around February, we will come and service the inside of your home so as spring time warmer months approach, and bug life starts again, your home will be ready to block any new activity.



We first blow out all your sprinkler lines and heads. This prevents water from freezing and expanding which causes cracks in your pipes which then results in costly repairs come spring. Next, we will aerate your lawn which allows your grass to breath and receive the nutrients and moisture it needs as it prepares for winter. We then lay down a fertilizer specially formulated for the cold months to help your grass maintain its healthiness. When we are able to aerate then fertilize, it allows the fertilizer to get deep in the roots of your lawn so when spring-time comes back around your lawn is the first one to green and grow and ready for the warm weather treatments. We then put a border of specially formulated, no-toxic spider and bug spray around the perimeter of your home which prevents spiders, bugs, and other pests from coming inside your home and nesting. Lastly, we will undo your hoses from the hose bibs around your home, blow them out, and place an insulated protective cover over the hose bib to help in avoiding freezing as well.

Benefits of Lawn & Home Exterior Winterization

  • Prevents sprinkler heads and pipes from freezing
  • Prevents costly spring-time repairs
  • Feeds your lawn with nutrients needed to get it through the cold winter season
  • Prevents bugs and spiders from nesting inside your home
  • Saves you time and money


Outdoor Works Winterization Package

We want you to have confidence in your lawn & home exterior that it is ready and prepared for winter. The time between taking care of your lawn and having it winter ready is so short. Most people don't prepare effectively because they are enjoying the fall season, or don't enjoy the season because they are trying to get their lawn and home exterior ready.

Because of our winterization package and services, Outdoor Works allows you to spend your time during the short fall months enjoying the colors and season with your family and friends, without worrying about if your home is ready for winter.

Lawn clean-up services also available!

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