Outdoor Works specializes in All-Inclusive Lawn Care services. No more worrying about having multiple companies doing multiple services which means you are paying higher for all of them.  By allowing us to bundle multiple services together, we are able to save you money and achieve the same, if not better, results.


Each week we will mow and groom your lawn and having it look perfectly. We apply our Signature Cut to set your lawn apart from your neighbors. We then will apply the right fertilizer at the right time of year to keep your lawn greener and thicker.  Typical applications include:

  • Weekly Mow & Groom featuring our Signature Cut with Lawn Striping
    • We don’t just mow and go. We spend the extra time to make sure there aren’t missed patches, clumps of cut grass that can create dead spots, and that each part of the lawn is getting the water it needs. We are very specific about our own lawns, and ever more so with yours. We even measure to know exactly how high/low to cut your lawn. How your lawn looks is how our company looks…we take that very seriously
  • 5 Treatments of our Special Blend Fertilizer over the course of the year including:
    • 1 Spring emergent and weed/dandelion
    • 2 Summer (early/late) treatments to prevent against heat damage and lack of moisture
    • 1 Fall treatment that starts to prepare your lawn for the change in season
    • 1 Winter Prep treatment that will give your lawn the protection it needs against the cold winter season
    • Weed Control treatments in between as needed for any new activity


When you start our $99 monthly service, we will meet with you and your lawn to understand what you are wanting to accomplish. We will then put together a plan specific to your lawn to achieve the best possible results in the quickest time. You will then be billed for 2 months of service upfront, then $99 there after for the next 10 months. By spreading over the course of the year it enables our customers to get the best possible lawn care without the high monthly expense during the peak season.

All of our services are guaranteed to your satisfaction. If for some reason your lawn is not meeting your expectations we will come out to your home in between the regularly scheduled services and give your lawn the attention it needs. If you decide to cancel this monthly service at any time during the length of the service agreed upon, you will be billed the remaining balance for the agreed service period.

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